Customer Conversion

Pointsmith has an expert focus in the Path-to-Purchase, Customer Journey of preStore, inStore, and postStore marketing strategies. Within this journey, we increase customer conversion by designing meaningful engagements between our client brands and their audience's.

Meaningful engagements delivered at the intersection of brand and audience yields the best opportunities to convert passive shoppers into active customers.
— Pointsmith

We work to understand and translate shopper behavior into key insights that yield actionable solutions which meet business and brand objectives. We achieve this by way of research, strategy, design, and execution throughout the entire Path-to-Purchase, Customer Journey.



In this stage of the journey, your target shoppers are passive. They are not actively seeking your products or services yet, but this is where the real opportunity for capturing their attention lies. The Pointsmith market research team identifies audience needs, attitudes, and behaviors to define why and how each audience segment wants to interact with a brand. Leveraging that intel, our analytics group then determines KPIs and analyzes audience interaction to continually optimize the strategy, relevancy, and effectiveness of each program.



Once you’ve captured your target shopper’s attention, you are still faced with the challenge of converting them from a passive shopper into an active customer. We design customer conversion plans/programs across varying inStore touch points that elevate brand perception and engagement.



The path-to-purchase, customer journey doesn’t end once you’ve converted a shopper into a buyer. Success is measured by the ability to convert your customer into a brand advocate who continually buys from, and recommends, your brand. Developing and delivering targeted re-engagement strategies, based on leveraging the data gathered during the preStore and inStore stages of your customer’s journey, will allow you to establish deep and meaningful relationships with your core customers, therefore, positioning you for future success.

preStore Customer Journey:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration

inStore Customer Journey:

  • Intention
  • Decision
  • Conversion

postStore Customer Journey:

  • Re-Engagement