Our Attitudes are Our Greatest Assets

We aren’t afraid to push the boundaries. We live by the belief that the minute we feel “comfortable,” is the minute we are no longer relevant. 

In a nutshell, we are a highly experienced and keenly creative bunch; dedicated to the relentless pursuit of understanding the shifting trends within the markets our clients serve…in identifying the shopping preferences and opportunities associated with key consumer groups…and translating that collective data into focused and actionable marketing strategies that drive shoppers to buy.

The Science Behind Our Success

The science behind our success could be summed up as “contrarian thinking.” By that we mean there are certain kinds of people who want to be different because they just want to be different. And then there are people who are different because they have a relentless appetite for success.

To be blunt, ‘luck’ isn’t part of our vocabulary, and it certainly isn’t the science behind Pointsmith’s success. We have zero tolerance for ‘going through the motions.’ We encourage our team to come to work fired up, and leave work even more exhilarated. In our world, passionate team members foster a working environment that directly benefits our clients.

You see at Pointsmith, we’ve been cultivating thriving partnerships with top national brands for more than 60 years—helping them develop and execute meaningful engagement strategies that drive measurable results. Our successful partnerships are a direct result of our eclectic and passionate employee talent.

Living and Breathing "Words of Wisdom"

We could give you dozens of catchy platitudes about Pointsmith’s unique shopper marketing value proposition, but we’d rather cut to the chase with a simple quote from someone we admire that captures the essence of who we are and what drives us.

A vision for success is only a vision if you don’t have the eclectic mix of employee talent to deliver.
— Carl “Smitty” Smith, Pointsmith Founder