Assessment Delivers 24% Savings & 58% Optimization



A heavily franchised leader in quick-service restaurant sector with more than 1,000 locations was facing an all too common challenge - they needed to maximize their marketing budget.



Pointsmith’s Lean Marketing Business Group brought in a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt team to conduct a deep-dive analysis of their key processes, existing technology tools and historical restaurant marketing spend. The assessment fully documented their current state and understood the client's ideal state.



The assessment results surpassed their goal of 20% in hard cost savings and eliminated 58% in non-value-added activity within their current marketing process. A newly optimized process and Pointsmith’s proprietary technology platform reached their goal and delivered the required cost savings, improving processes and increasing agility with technology automation. In addition, we eliminated 91 days/year of non-value added activity from a key employee’s time.


Cost Savings


Process Optimization


Days / Year Saved



Cost Savings

  • # Marketing Elements
  • Pre-Assessment Spend
  • Post-Assessment Spend (Year 1)



Optimization & Automation Process
Eliminated 14 Steps

Pre-Assessment Process

Marketing Action Plan

Create Promo in System

Create Offer Groups Tables

Create Offers

Create Price Point Options

Create Upsells

Assign Signs to Offers/Price Points

Sell-In / DMA Voting

Custom Requests

Build Rollup Spreadsheet

Build Digital Signage Rollup Spreadsheet

Create Item References in System

Create SKUs in System

Build Kits in System

Pick Locations per Offer in System

Link Offers / Price Points in System

Audit Distribution Data

Confirm Data in System

Export to Excel, add print overage

POG - Identify Leave Up Signs

POG - Determine Sign Placement

POG - Upload Coupons per Location

POG - Upload Cashier Scripts

Post-Assessment Process

Marketing Action Plan

Create Promo in System

Create Offers (price points & upsells)

Assign Signs & SKUs

Sell-In / DMA Voting

Approve/Reject Custom Requests

Review Custom Voting Results

Add Print Overage in System

POG - Upload Coupons

POG - Upload Cashier Scripts


The Engine automated the process, delivering improved agility, data accuracy, and quality of communications.

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