$10 Million Cost Savings in 5 Years through Lean Marketing



How do you sustain, nurture, innovate and continuously improve retail marketing for a brand over nearly two decades whose legacy originates from the birth of the motor car to the development of sustainable fuels? With a large network of franchise owned fuel centers, our client requires a partnership focused on continually pushing the boundaries and driving cost savings without compromising quality.



Global client tenure of this magnitude cannot be achieved by exceptional customer service alone. Pointsmith’s approach begins with its unique business model that intentionally limits our client base and focuses solely on partnering with premium brands that require cutting-edge retail marketing technology combined with a high-touch level of personalized service.



Due to a combination of initiatives including innovation, process optimization, technology automation and cost savings, Pointsmith was able to deliver $10 million in cost savings over a 5- year period for our client - that’s one of the secrets to our success.

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