Automated EMV Chip Card Reader Implementation



Shell faced a massive logistical challenge with the EMV Regulation Compliance Law that stipulated all businesses upgrade their point-of-sale systems to accommodate EMV chip cards. Over 13,000 franchised locations needed to update their fuel dispenser pumps and interior POS systems.



Pointsmith developed a comprehensive technology solution to manage the process of surveying, purchasing, dispatching and updating all Shell POS systems to accommodate every location, quantity, manufacturer and model, including managing each franchisee and wholesaler, the number of pumps as well as the make and model of the pumps for every location across the Shell network.

Chip Card Reader

Our solution managed wholesaler survey requests and generated requests for approved surveyors to be dispatched to specific locations to survey pumps. Wholesalers were then prompted to review the survey and cost to determine if they are going to replace the pumps altogether or retrofit a new chip card reader into the old pump. The ability to order interior POS hardware was also built into the process. Once the wholesaler approved the purchase and installation of new equipment, the system dispatched approved installers. This process could never have been managed manually for more than 13,000 locations.

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