Promo Automation and
Store-Specific Marketing Guides



Murphy USA is a convenience / fuel retailer with more than 1,400 locations and a highly complex, localized and category-based marketing program. Each location receives a marketing kit with a large number of items to support each of Murphy USA's campaigns. Murphy USA needed to accomplish two important goals:
1. Speed up the marketing process
2. Improve the store-level execution of each marketing campaign



Pointsmith Technology improved Murphy USA’s process by implementing Promo Architect, a promotion planning and execution platform within The Engine. Promo Architect eliminated the need for Category Managers to track / communicate promo details via Excel and email.

Promo Automation and Store-Specific Marketing Guides

Now all data related to a promotion including offers, creative, sign types, price points, store profiles and business rules are maintained in real-time within Promo Architect.

Additionally, Promo Architect dynamically outputs site-specific marketing guides that tell the store employees exactly what they received in their marketing kit and how to implement it at their unique store.


Promo Architect

Execute hyper-targeted promotions with astounding speed and precision. Promo Architect calculates and generates promo logic including offers, price points, marketing channels, store profiles, business rules, franchisee enrollments, site-specific plan-o-grams, internal billing.


Profile Builder

This dynamic database is the driving force behind The Engine’s ability to deliver hyper-targeted marketing. Your team has flexibility to collect, track, manage and distribute store-level data like consumer demographics, competition, ordinances and signage real estate.

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